Meaningfully transform your life

Embark on this unique and rich self-development journey to learn how to manage your brain's fight or flight response, and the many "shades of fighting" you never even realized affect you every day . You'll never look at "fighting" the same way again!

Become an agent of change in your life, refining and improving your skills as you define and pursue your true goals and dreams

You'll become an empowering and inspiring leader for yourself and those you interact with

See the full list of learning objectives and course curriculum below

You are bigger on the inside - a lot bigger! There's an entire universe in there that you might not have actively explored before. Your internal universe contains personal super powers which will help you achieve the success and fulfillment you want leading you to feel positive, energetic and motivated.

Your brain has likely blocked access to parts of your internal universe due to its natural “fight or flight” mechanism which is meant to try and protect you. In this course you'll use a variety of techniques and exercises to train your brain to lower your internal defenses and repurpose negative and destructive energy to fight for the life you want.

You’ll minimize feeling stressed, anxious, angry, frustrated and worn out with the daily grind, interpersonal drama and the constant battles you face each day. You’ll learn how to keep your mind calm when the outside world seems chaotic - so you can think and problem solve effectively. You’ll feel empowered to blast through challenges and obstacles to your success.

Armed with a growth mindset, conviction about your purpose and tools for understanding and managing many forms of conflict, you will set yourself on a positive trajectory of effectively achieving your goals, discovering opportunities and feeling confident, resilient and fantastic!

Join this community of like-minded individuals and together we will support each other on our unique individual journeys.

Regain command and break the cycle!

Who is this training program for?

Your learning journey is unique to you. Different people will gain different benefits from this course

Learning to manage your brain's fight and flight response, to resolve conflict, and to develop a robust understanding of how people behave will be valuable to everyone in different ways

  • Leaders - leadership skills apply to business but also for helping other people in your life, for raising children and for leading yourself towards your goals. The focus on conflict management, interpersonal relationships, empathy and compassion equips modern leaders with skills that empower, motivate and support

  • Lifelong Learners - the focus on exploring your purpose and identity can help you decide on career transitions and your true life passions. If you don't feel entirely fulfilled, happy or as successful as you want, this course will help. Managing stress and creating intrinsic motivation also brings balance to your busy life

  • Coaches - take your coaching practice to the next level with new tools, techniques and methods to help empower people to become champions and leaders in their lives. Learn new ways to help clients explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and empower them to change through intrinsic motivation and optimism

  • Parents - by learning the methods in this course, you'll have more tools to help your children build their own internal strength of character and intrinsic self-worth. You'll have a new perspective on conflict to help them manage their challenges. Modeling effective ways of managing conflict and demonstrating positive virtues will empower children to make great decisions in their lives

  • Introverts - the course was developed by an introvert and will help you make better sense of people and their behaviours as well as build your own internal confidence, strength and resilience. Learn to feel more comfortable and make sense of this busy, noisy and fast-paced world

Our brains have minds of their own

"Mind command" helps us to proactively manage conflict, to be more successful and to feel more positive and in control. How many times did you focus on something negative today, and what opportunities did you miss as a result?

Course learning objectives

Some of the key skills and transformations to expect from this program are highlighted here

This is a unique and robust training program that blends multiple learning modalities for maximum impact - cognitive or intellectual learning, affective or emotional learning, visceral or somatic learning and conative learning (the will to take action). The training methods and exercises come from various related disciplines - behavioral science, psychology, physiology, professional executive coaching and ancient martial arts brain-training concepts (designed by a professional martial artist).

Engage with over 25 hours of video content, dozens of self-study exercises, weekly group Q&A / coaching zoom meetings and interactive community chat. Check out the full course curriculum below!

  • Discover your purpose so you can choose to align your actions with your purpose, thereby increasing your satisfaction and fulfillment in your career and life

  • Use tools to practice taking command of your thoughts and feelings so you can think and problem solve more effectively

  • Employ processes to train your brain to reduce stress and anxiety and manage your physiological fight and flight response

  • Create motivation and energy to get things done

  • Assess your mood and thoughts so you can to be more effective by changing self-limiting behaviors

  • Build confidence, resilience and inner strength through intrinsic empowerment

  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and virtues

  • Reframe conflict so it’s easier to manage and resolve

  • Interpret people’s intentions and emotions to achieve clearer and more effective communication and improve your relationships with people

  • Become less angry, frustrated and negative by discovering hidden opportunities and solutions in the challenges and obstacles you face

Detailed course breakdown

Dig into the specifics!

This course is organized into 7 sections and each section focuses on a unique theme and a specific word. Some sections are broken down into chapters, and each chapter is designed to be done in about a week, but there are no time restrictions in this course so feel free to take as long as you'd like. It's important to complete the chapters in order since the material builds on itself.

Aside from the video lessons, there are reflective self-study exercises and physical/mental brain training exercises for each chapter. Doing all of these is important - you will learn by thinking and feeling - through both emotional and physical kinds of feeling. This is a holistic way to ensure these perspectives, tools and skills become part of your life rather than something you forget or don't know how to apply. 

Section 1 (chapter 1) - Course introduction, determining your purpose and introduction to MBS command exercises

  • The word being explored is "curiosity".
  • Learn about how the course works, the value and benefit you'll get and about the instructor.
  • Explore what you want to do, what you want to have and what you want to be in your life.
  • Begin to think about your overarching purpose, and start to discover opportunities that you can turn into actionable goals for self-improvement.
  • Learn the different components of what makes you unique - your human nature, individual nature and identity.
  • Introduction to MBS command exercises (brain training physical and mental exercises). There are different exercises that help improve your command of your mind, your body and your spirit (energy level).

Section 2 (chapters 2 and 3) - Exploring identity through an artistic exercise, learning about human survival mechanisms and understanding motivation

  • The word being explored is "wisdom".
  • Explore the depth and richness of your identity through a unique artistic exercise.
  • Become familiar with the human brain and the fight or flight mechanism.
  • Learn your unique tendencies towards fight and/or flight behaviours and reactions.
  • Introduction to the "model of base human nature" - the main model presented in this course from which you'll gain insight on your inner workings.
  • Learn the role defense mechanisms play in directing your thoughts and behaviour, and how you can begin to manage these mechanisms.
  • Develop improved intrinsic motivation.
  • Learn to to allow your brain to accept change so you can choose to modify your thoughts and feelings.

Section 3 (chapters 4 and 5) - Redefining fighting and conflict, and lessons from the psychology of martial arts strategy and philosophy

  • The word being explored is "fighting" and by extension, "conflict".
  • Learn the psychological skills and tactics used by warriors to to remain calm and in control in battle. See how they used their minds to overcome enemies. Apply these skills in peaceful ways in your own life.
  • Some of these skills and tactics include ways of seeing and perceiving, "mushin" or flow state, "infection", fluidity of mind, mind-body inner and outer balance, intuition and mastery, beginner's mind, bias and more.
  • Understand where conflict comes from, and how to recognize it early to prevent, mitigate or manage it effectively.
  • Appreciate the ways that words and language shape our perceptions of reality.
  • Take a deep dive to understand all the different "shades of fighting", starting with the adolescent (what you first recognize fighting as) through to the mature (kinds of fighting you don't often recognize).
  • Learn how the ways you approach conflict affects the fight or flight response, and your interpersonal relationships.
  • Exercises to "fight" with your thoughts and "fight" for your purpose.
  • Putting MBS command all together with some traditional martial arts exercises.

Section 4 (chapters 6 and 7) - Exploring, developing and gaining command of your personal super powers

  • The word being explored is "freedom"
  • Learn about the Cartesian Division and it's role in creating conflict and friction both within our minds and in the world.
  • Differentiate between rational and intuitive kinds of knowledge and learning. Use this concept to help bring balance into your life. 
  • Explore the concept of identity and self-worth more deeply. 
  • Cultivate a super power - your attention. Learn how attention is a commodity and why you may not be in full control of yours, yet.
  • Understand how people are influenced, the weaponization of words, and how to protect yourself from influence and manipulation (by nature, we are all at least a little bit susceptible).
  • Remove blocks to creativity and effectiveness such as denial, complexity-induced fear, and deceptive simplicity.
  • Expose your false mind and discover your original mind.
  • Case study - a real world example of adolescent fighting negatively impacting problem solving (and the problem is REALLY simple looking). 

Section 5 (chapters 8 and 9) - How empathy and understanding creates opportunities, removes uncertainty and reduces fear

  • The word being explored is "empathy".
  • Learn new ways of looking at and practicing empathy and compassion. Understand how they fit into the "model of base human nature".
  • See how empathy is the "great revealer" - clearing away the fog of uncertainty and doubt and helping us become really effective.
  • Change the way you approach conflict management by choosing attractive, collaborative and productive ways of fighting over divisive, destructive and disempowering ways of fighting.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • Explore the main cognitive biases that get in the way of your growth.
  • Remove a huge barrier to success - excuses (hint: they don't actually exist).

Section 6 (chapters 10 and 11) - Leadership skill development and new paradigms 

  • The word being explored is "integrity".
  • Practice techniques for changing limiting beliefs and balancing thought distortions.
  • Brush up on communication skills and learn how to facilitate effective dialogue.
  • Learn how to give to others and make sacrifices without burning yourself out.
  • Appreciate the "language of leadership" - how your choice of words can subtly and subconsciously affect and influence people.
  • Learn the best problem solving approach - creative or focused.
  • Write your purpose statement and become the artist that paints the story of you.

Section 7 (chapter 12) - Program summary of key insights, choosing your own unique path (what's next)

  • The word being explored is "choice"
  • Feel empowered to make choices and decisions that will align with your purpose and serve you well in your life.
  • Become comfortable with discomfort, uncertainty, vulnerability and find immense strength in that comfort.
  • Build an intrinsic focus through reflection.
  • Apply self-development knowledge and skills - take action on opportunities you identified by running small "experiments".
  • Listen to a simple personal story where the instructor applied "shades of fighting" concepts to peacefully and effectively resolve a common kind of conflict. See how the fights were conducted both within the instructor's mind and between another individual.
  • Practice a "master" MBS command exercise sequence to fully engrain what you learned throughout your whole being. It's science - if you learn it and feel it, you will transform.
  • Put it all together and feel confident in approaching, discussing, managing and solving complex issues and challenges
  • Create a "master reflection" to solidify the insights you learned about yourself so you can take action on the many opportunities you uncovered.

Supplemental content, exercises, video and audio

  • The mental and physical exercises introduced in each chapter will be available in this section for quick reference. You don't need to remember which chapter a particular exercise was from

Even more detailed course curriculum

For those who are powerfully curious

    1. Welcome to section 2!

    2. Warming up, shaping clay

    3. Summary and review of section 1

    4. Sharing my purpose with you

    5. Your purpose

    6. What kind of art are you - what is your artistic context and identity?

    7. Your art project

    8. Reflections of your identity in a pool of gemstones

    9. Word paradigms - wisdom reflects what exists but has yet to be discovered

    10. Wisdom

    11. Your amazingly powerful brain has a mind of its own - let's understand these powers

    12. The Brain

    13. Fight and flight - our survival mechanisms sometimes reduce our effectiveness

    14. Fight and flight

    15. Understanding fear is a key part of becoming more effective

    16. Fear and anger

    17. Individual nature - how you respond to your human nature

    18. The survival cycle - a model of base human nature

    19. Survival cycle - model of base human nature

    20. What happens when defense mechanisms do all the talking?

    21. Defense mechanisms

    22. Motivation - there are two types, but one works far better

    23. Motivation

    24. How goals can motivate us effectively

    25. Goals

    26. MBS command - visceral / intuitive learning is essential for your transformation

    27. MBS command

    28. Change is good and helps you live in accordance with your purpose. Can people really change? Yes!

    29. Change

    30. How to change how you feel (mind command!)

    31. Changing how you feel

    32. Daily mind command exercise

    33. Self-study overview for section 2 (chapters 2 & 3)

    34. Self-study material for chapter 2

    35. Biweekly Live Coaching, Q&A and Discussion on Zoom

    1. Warming up, shaping clay

    2. Catch-up time

    3. Self-study material for chapter 3

    4. Biweekly Live Coaching, Q&A and Discussion on Zoom

    1. Welcome to section 3!

    2. Warming up, shaping clay

    3. Summary and review of section 2

    4. The depth beneath the abstract simplicity of words

    5. Words are abstractions of reality

    6. Word paradigms - the many shades of fighting and conflict

    7. Shades of fighting

    8. Fighting to restore balance, not to defeat and dominate

    9. Fighting for balance

    10. Bringing the fight within ourselves - how we restore balance

    11. The key to happiness

    12. How we fight and grow - from adolescence to maturity

    13. Fighting fear

    14. Fighting all the bad waves in the ocean

    15. Beyond the adolescent ways of fighting

    16. MBS Command - cultivating explosive survival energy

    17. Deep breathing

    18. Predicting where we will find conflict

    19. Self-study material for chapter 4

    20. Biweekly Live Coaching, Q&A and Discussion on Zoom

    1. Warming up, shaping clay

    2. How martial arts is relevant to you

    3. Martial arts super powers

    4. How many types of fighting and conflict can you recognize?

    5. The inner depths

    6. Psychology of war - mastering human nature

    7. Polish your perceptual super powers

    8. Revealing that which exists but is hidden - opportunity

    9. The observing and perceiving eyes

    10. Fixation and fluidity - achieving a flow state

    11. Mushin and Fluid Focus

    12. Knowledge is the gateway - understanding is discovering what lies beyond

    13. The gateway

    14. Mind-body connections - commanding your nature to work for you

    15. Mind-body command

    16. From beginner to master and back again

    17. Being a beginner is hard

    18. How to be a modern day warrior

    19. Fighting as a process of self-refinement

    20. MBS Command - Walking the path to the gateway

    21. MBS Command - putting it all together

    22. Sanchin - Calm mind, active body

    23. Tensho - Calm body, active mind

    24. Self study overview for section 3 (chapters 4 & 5)

    25. Self-study material for chapter 5

    26. Biweekly Live Coaching, Q&A and Discussion on Zoom

    1. Welcome to section 4!

    2. Warming up, shaping clay

    3. Summary and review of section 3

    4. The "Shades of Freedom"

    5. Word paradigms - freedom - how to feel free

    6. Freedom

    7. The Cartesian Division

    8. The Cartesian Division

    9. Uniting that which is divided - MBS command

    10. Intuitive knowledge about ourselves unlocks our potential

    11. Rational and intuitive knowledge

    12. The Way - your path - your gateway - your choice - your success

    13. How to become free

    14. Identity and purpose - discover and nurture your self-worth

    15. Identity and self-worth

    16. You will feel free when you measure your value intrinsically

    17. Intrinsic and extrinsic values

    18. Control your super powers, feel free, and then unlock your potential

    19. What is your identity?

    20. MBS Command - make a statement and be free

    21. Check-in - how are you feeling?

    22. Self-study material for chapter 6

    23. Biweekly Live Coaching, Q&A and Discussion on Zoom

Explore deeply and meaningfully

  • 285 lessons
  • 28 hours of video content

Learn to manage anything the world can throw at you. Decide how you want to feel, what you want to achieve and go for it!

Your coach and instructor

Alex Senson

My purpose is to uncover and amplify your brilliance and true potential by helping you to develop motivation, build new skills, discover opportunities, solve challenges, feel positive and ultimately empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals and dreams. I’ve coached and mentored over 1000 small business founders and CEOs through their ups and downs. I have a broad and diverse set of skills, training, knowledge and most importantly – lived experience. Whenever I look up at the stars and think about the universe we live in, I am reminded that all of us also have an equally infinite and deep universe that exists within ourselves. My job as a coach is to help you explore and navigate yours. You’re bigger on the inside – what will you find? Purpose? Happiness? Success? Fulfilment? Perhaps you’ll discover that you can feel as strong, grand and majestic as a mountain on the inside.

What do you want to get out of this journey?

The course is unique because you are unique. You get to define your own objectives and apply the tools to your own situation. You get to be creative.

Whatever your situation is, you are here because you want productive change in your life; not just information about how to change in theory. You want to invest in yourself to gain transformational value; not just a little bit of value. You believe in and practice a growth mindset. 

Fighting is the way we choose to manage conflict, and conflict affects our lives in many different ways so often, we hardly even notice consciously. You will explore different perspectives and strategies for how to resolve and manage both inter- and intra-personal conflicts in your life that are keeping you feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, uncertain, and doubtful. The key lies in understanding the various shades of fighting along the spectrum of human nature.

Sometimes there's a sort of "fight" that happens within us, one that holds us back, throws up barriers, keeps us stuck, drains our energy and tarnishes our mood. One that influences our actions, our decisions, resists productive change and in some ways self-sabotages our best efforts to achieve our peak effectiveness. You'll learn where this fight originates, deep within the mechanisms of your human nature and individual nature. You'll practice how to overcome these obstacles to personal growth and success by gaining better conscious command over how you think and feel. Once you do, you'll find your relationship with both yourself and others will improve greatly.

Is motivation a challenge when working towards your goals and dreams? The most powerful skill you can develop is intrinsic motivation. Unique MBS command exercises will help you develop motivation from your own internal energy generated by your autonomic nervous system. It also greatly strengthens your feelings of inner strength, confidence, resilience and value.

Everyone can be a leader for someone - do you see yourself as a leader? You will once you complete this course! Take command of your personal super powers and unleash your potential on the world. Be the light that shines so brightly, it lights the way for others to achieve their own dreams as well. You'll improve effectiveness by practicing, enabling and encouraging productive and unifying ways to fight and resolve conflict rather than the common "adolescent" ones we are used to which keep us stressed and on edge

Don't let your physiology, and your well-meaning brain hold you back. It's just trying to protect you after all. Join our community and fight for your passion, your purpose and your success!

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Investing in yourself pays dividends for life

Transforming how you feel is priceless

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  • How long is this course?

    It's flexible - you can choose how much time you spend and how quickly or slowly you work through the material.

    If you want to follow a set pace, it was designed to take a week per chapter. There are 12 chapters, and a good estimate for the length of each chapter is 4-6 hours. Each week, there will be approximately 1.5 hours of video lessons, 1.5 hours of self-study material, 0.5 - 1 hour for discussions on Zoom and chat, and 1 - 1.5 hours for MBS command exercises.

  • What's included as part of the free preview?

    You can sign up for the trial any time with no obligation. You'll get access to most of the content from the first chapter. This includes information about the program, how it all works, introduction to the instructor, and you'll get started on exercises meant to help you discover your purpose and opportunities in your life you can continue working on through the program.

  • What are MBS Command exercises?

    These are sophisticated mental + physical exercises (visualization, breathing, movement, focus and concentration) designed to help you learn through "feeling" rather than only through "thinking". This makes what you learn much more impactful for you. There is a more detailed explanation in the free preview. These are critical for your success, and are a very unique part of the program. You'll learn how to gain command and control over parts of yourself that often are influenced by things like your natural physiology and brain's survival mechanisms.

  • Do I have to do martial arts or physical exercise in the course?

    The martial arts component will not involve any fighting so don't worry. There are many concepts from ancient traditional martial arts that relate to human psychology and we explore these. We do some simple breathing and movement-based exercises throughout the course which are suitable for people of all ability levels. If you have any concerns please feel free to let me know and I can guide you on how to adapt to your ability level. Consult a physician prior to beginning any new physical or breathing exercise.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    I offer a generous free sample of lessons from the first chapter. This is to help you get a sense of how the program will go. The expectations, time commitments and content is clearly articulated. Once you decide to pay to enroll for the full course, it is not refundable. The course is a process that takes time - you may not see immediate and obvious changes and benefits in the first chapter or two. It is important to work through all the material persistently and diligently to get the full benefit.

    Special offer - 25% refund - if you sign up with a friend or partner you'll each get a 25% refund on the full course price you paid. You can sign up with any size of group and you'll all get a 25% refund. Details of how to claim this offer are presented in the free preview lessons in chapter 1 of the course.